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MCCM Medical Cosmetics

XR Hand Cream

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Due to its active components, the XR Hand Cream provides special care and protection for the hands, avoiding dryness and skin cracking. Being the most exposed part of the body, our hands need and deserve the best nutrients.

Main Characteristics

Moisturizing, regenerative, soothing, protection during the day against external aggressions, silky texture to the hands skin.

Application Protocol

CLEANSE: Cleanse the skin with the Cleansing Milk and then gently massage on the hands and arms until the elbows; then rinse with water; Apply the Facial Tonic with cotton pads; EXFOLIATE: Apply the Salicylic Removing with a gauze on the hands and arms until the elbows; MOISTURE: Apply the XR Hand Cream on the hands and arms until the elbow with a gently massage until absorption.

Additional Information

Product category: Professional/Homecare
Main ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Rosa Moschata Oil, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Urea, Hydrogenated Wheat Germ Oil
Routine step: Moisturize
Frequency: Daily use
Type of skin: All skin
Treatment area: Hand
Recommended: Hand daily care