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MCCM Medical Cosmetics

Vibratening Gel

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The Vibratening Gel is designed to produce stimulating sensations with vibration waves and to help restore the muscle of intimate areas. It is a unisex and edible gel.

Main Characteristics

Stimulating collagen regeneration, contracture of elastin fibers, neovascularization, stimulates female/male sexual pleasure.

Application Protocol

Routine step: Apply a small amount of product (1pea) with the index finger, and gently massage; the effect is noticed 10 minutes after the application; It can be applied once a day, everyday.

Additional Information

Product category: Professional/Homecare
Main ingredients: Glycerin, Potassium Alum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Sucralose
Routine step: Treatment
Frequency: Daily use
Type of skin: All skin
Treatment area: Intimate areas
Recommended: Regeneration of the vaginal walls