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MCCM Medical Cosmetics

Meso Derma Q System Cleaner

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It is a cleansing solution with disinfectant properties.

Main Characteristics

Antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Application Protocol

Application protocol: to use us a cleaner of MCCM derma roller Disinfect a bowl. Place the head of the dermaroller with microneedles inside a bowl, previously cleansed and disinfected; Apply the MCCM Derma Cleaner in the bowl until covering the microneedles; This procedure should be done 20 minutes before the treatment. It is recommended to maintain the MCCM Derma Cleaner liquid in the bowl during the treatment. If it is necessary to stop, submerge the needles in the liquid. For more details follow the MCCM treatment protocols.

Additional Information

Product category: Equipment
Main ingredients: Aqua (Water), Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Benzalkonium Chloride
Presentation: 200 ml
Routine step: Disinfection – pre-microneedling
Treatment area
Recommended: To prepare skin before microneedling and disinfect equipment and needles