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MCCM Medical Cosmetics


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The Meso is an electromedical equipment whose function is to generate two types of electrical impulses, which are applied by a roll-on on the skin. The electroporation facilitates the transcutaneous transport of ionic substances, water and non-ionic substances. The electrophoretic current penetrates the skin through the pores of the sweat glands and hair follicles. This becomes the main route of penetration of hydrophilic substances through the stratum corneum.


Main Characteristics

This equipment based its effectiveness in the combination of two complementary systems allowing the active ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum. The Meso™ offers 9 programs of treatment of advanced medical cosmetic treatments.

Additional Information

Product category: Equipment
-2x Roll-On
-2x Braceletes
-2x Cables
-1x Power Cord (Card)
Routine step: Treatment
Treatment area: Body
- Pacemakers
- Do not apply if is a type of implanted device: the metallic implants, IUDs, distribution system of drugs, appliances, etc.
- Do not apply in the areas where there are fillers in the skin
- Do not apply if vascular disease
- Do not apply in the presence of skin diseases
- Do not apply on tumors
- Do not apply on ulcers and wounds
- Avoid treatment in cases of degenerative diseases
- Do not apply on halo breast or thyroid
- Warning about drug treatments in some cases may produce an increase in effect the same.