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MCCM Medical Cosmetics


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DLE™ is an electro medicinal device that uses an electric current. Stimulates the lymphatic circulation in the lymphatic vessels, increasing the fluid absorption and macro molecules of interstitial tissue.


Main Characteristics

Activate the peristaltic vessels capacity, absorbing oedemas, post-operative limbs swelling, arm swelling, Post-traumatic oedemas recurring from bone fractures; Also effective in embryonic oedemas of headache and spine pain; Stimulates the immune process by stimulating the production of lymphocytes; Helps the parasympathetic nervous system, the responsible component of the autonomic nervous system to restore the power and the regeneration of tissues.

Additional Information

Product category: Professional
-2x Gloves
-2x Carbon Electrodes
-2x Cables
-1x Power Cord (Card)
Routine step: Treatment
- Pacemakers
- Do not apply if is a type of implanted device: the metallic implants, IUDs, distribution system of drugs, appliances, etc.
- Do not apply in the areas where there are fillers in the skin
- Do not apply if vascular disease
- Do not apply in the presence of skin diseases
- Do not apply on tumors
- Do not apply on ulcers and wounds
- Avoid treatment in cases of degenerative diseases
- Do not apply on halo breast or thyroid
- Warning about drug treatments in some cases may produce an increase in effect the same.
-Oedema reabsorption
-Tonifying overall body
-Fluid retention
-Stimulation of muscle tissue
-Improves circulation
-Varicose veins
-Tired legs