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MCCM Medical Cosmetics


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Non-invasive liposuction is a procedure that reduces unwanted fat deposits, reduces the circumference of the body and effectively improves the contour of the body without surgery, incisions, injections, timeouts and recovery time in few treatments. Indicated for the treatment of fat deposits and cellulite in all adiposity areas, especially in buttocks, thighs, abdomen, back, knees, arms, double chin and fibrosis. It is particularly effective for the remodeling of the face and body in synergy with some active ingredients.

Main Characteristics

Reduction of fat and cellulite, creating better shapes for the body through the effective removal of the excess fat cells. It is a safe and painless procedure. After the treatment, the patient can immediately return to their social life.

Application Protocol

Additional Information

Product category: Professional
-Display – 5,7 color touch screen Dimensions – 60 x 27 x 31cm
-Weight – 10 kg
-Absorption max. – 50W.
-Frequency – 33Hz – 46 KMHz
-Power supply – 110/220 VAC 50-60 Hz
Routine step: Treatment