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MCCM Lyophilized Products: What You Need to Know

MCCM Lyophilized Products: What You Need to Know



Lyophilization avoids any kind of degradation of the product, and possible contaminations, yet preserves its properties and improves the permeability of the product.

Here's a quick overview of everything you need to know about MCCM Medical Cosmetics lyophilized vials:

• Tranexamicum: Even out skin tone by reducing melanin production and keep dark spots away. This product has the function of brightening and balancing the skin tone.

• Lipase: Treatment to melt away stubborn localized fat that can lead to antimicrobial redness, sensitivity and pain, by losing weight and volume.

• PDRN: Improves the skin elasticity, hydration and texture giving it regeneration and restoring, while stimulating collagen synthesis.

• Vitamin C: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and assists in collagen production for a firmer complexion and skin’s elasticity, giving it a glowing look.

• Deoxycholic: Unlock the power of emulsification of fats by helping reduce the cellulite and localized fat.

• Hyaluronidase: Treatment to help eliminate water retention, reduce unwanted adiposities, break down hyaluronic acid for a rejuvenated skin.

• CLH Lipase: A firming treatment to help smooth out any signs of cellulite and boost lymphatic circulation.

• Glutathione: Give the skin a boost with a brightening complexion and antioxidant benefits, promoting renewed and regenerated skin.

• Vitamin K: Helps with blood clotting and optimizes bones metabolism giving elasticity to the skin.

• Collagenase: Treatment to break down fat cells and relieve tension in the external tissue for a firmed-up look.


Some of these products are available in both lyophilized and liquid vials being Vitamin C, Deoxycholic, Hyaluronidase, CLH Lipase and Glutathione.

Discover our lyophilized products for healthier, more hydrated, radiant, and toned skin.

Available in our online store.

What are you waiting for to try these products?

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