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CLH Lipase by MCCM Medical Cosmetics - MCCM Medical Cosmetics

CLH Lipase by MCCM Medical Cosmetics

Have you heard the power of these three enzymes? 
Let us then clarify this matter!

CLH Lipase is a cocktail available in a liquid and lyophilized vial. This biotechnology uses three enzymes that can make amazing modifications when in contact with the body. 

The treatment consists in the application of a cocktail on the area that we are going to treat with a certain number of sessions, according to professional evaluation, thus achieving excellent and lasting results. 

Role of the enzymes 

  • Their precision is developed specifically for each pathology and it acts where the skin needs. 
  • Greater penetration due to its molecular composition. It turns the fat molecules into tiny microparticles, making the active ingredients penetrate deeper layers. 
  • Greater concentration which increases and widens its effect. Longer duration which leads to much more lasting results. 


Lipaseacts on the metabolism of triglycerides by breaking fat into smaller molecules, so that it is easier for the body to mobilize and thus release them more quickly. It is possible to lose weight and volume. 

Collagenase acts on the metabolism of collagen dissolving accumulated cellulite nodules by breaking down the fibrous tissue. The removal of these solidified collagen fibres and the breakdown of fat cells help relax the outer tissue, making the skin smoother. 

Hyaluronidaseacts on breaking the Polysaccharides responsible for the accumulation of liquids. It reversibly depolymerises the hyaluronic acid around the connective tissue cells, temporarily reducing the viscosity of this tissue and making it more permeable to the diffusion of liquids. 

It is recommended to fight localized facial and body fat, flaccidity, cellulite, fibrosis, buttocks reaffirmation and aging eyelids.

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