Pack Smart – 5 Sessions

Pack Smart is an anti-aging treatment suitable for mature and aged skin. This treatment allows the renewal of skin cells, visibly reducing wrinkles, sagging and blemishes, moisturizing the skin, making it smooth and firm.


  Recommended for

Mature skin


5 Whitening Peel Vial (5 ML)
1 Neutralizing Spray (50 ML)
5 Smart Mask 1 (50 ML)
5 Smart Solution 2 (40 ML)
1 Smart Serum (30 ML)
1 Smart Cream (50 ML)




Rejuvenated skin
Smooth, firm and renewed skin

 How apply

Cleanse and tone the skin with MCCM Cleansing Milk and Facial Tonic
Apply Whitening Peel vial with a brush and leave it between 3-5 minutes
Apply the neutralizing solution throughout the area and then remove with cold water
Prepare Smart Mask by mixing Smart Mask 1 with Smart Solution 2 and apply uniformly
Leave it for 20 minutes, remove as one piece and clean any excess with wet cotton disks
Finalize applying Smart Serum, Smart Cream and Sun Cream 50

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