Pack Platinum – 5 Sessions

Pack Platinum is a luxurious facial treatment that combines a rich mixture of ingredients, providing a deep moisturizing action. It’s recommended for dry and devitalized skin.


5 Salicylic Removing ampoules (5 ML)
5 DNA Ampoule (5 ML)
5 Collagen 7 Mask (20 ML)
1 Platinum Cream (50 ML)


Boosts skin’s natural defences
Cellular protection from UVB


Glowing and youthful effect
Skin’s imperfections reduction
Hydrated, radiant and silky skin

 How apply

Cleanse and tone the skin with MCCM Facial Milk and Facial Tonic
Apply Salicylic Removing with cotton disks on face and neck
Apply DNA ampoule with a gentle massage
Apply the Collagen 7 Mask and leave for 20 minutes
Finalize applying Platinum Cream and MCCM Sun Cream 50

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