Pack Champagne – 5 Sessions

The combination of Tartaric Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate offers an intensive anti-aging treatment with a multi-active exfoliation system that mixes chemical, enzymatic and micro-mechanic action. Pack Champagne is the perfect treatment to remove dead cells and close pores.


  Recommended for

All skin types


1 Spray Prof (50 ML)
5 Champagne Masks (6 GR)
5 Vitamin C ampoules (5 ML)
5 Serum Solution ampoules (5 ML)(1 EA)
1 Champagne Cream (50 ML)


Chemical, enzymatic and micro-mechanic exfoliation
Removing of dead cells
Closing pores


Smooth peeling and radiant skin

 How apply

Cleanse and tone the skin with MCCM Facial Milk and Facial Tonic
Apply Spray Prof to moisture the skin
Apply Champagne Mask uniformly on the skin
Apply Vitamin C on the top of the powder, massage gently and leave for 15 minutes
Remove the mask with cold water and Serum Solution until the skin is totally clean
Finalize applying Champagne Cream and Sun Cream 50

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