Skin blemishes, especially on the face, can cause many disorders in the well-being of people, creating psychological issues.

These blemishes can be associated with the excess of pigmentation of the skin, which is characterized by an increase in melanin and other substances involved in the pigmentation. The blemishes may be caused by genetics, excessive sun, allergies or premature aging.


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Box 5 X 10 Ml Vials


MCCM is an innovative peeling developed by Mesosystem, which does not affect the superficial layer of the skin, and therefore does not require a long recovery period. Based on the intensity of skin exposure, it is considered a medium peeling.


Skin whitening
A significant reduction in all type of pigmentation and freckles.
It promotes the skin whitening, it is not photosensitive and can be used during the day without having to avoid sun exposure after the application. Effective Photoaging Treatment
General skin improvement

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