Atopical Cream

Specially developed for sensitive and atopic skins, Atopical Cream has a calming action, that relieves the irritative reaction of the skin providing a revitalizing effect. The peptides contained in this cream boost collagen production by activating a key growth factor.


  Recommended for

Atopic skin
Reactive skin
Sensitive skin




Reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines
Balances the process of neurogenic inflammation
Works against intrinsic and extrinsic aging
Moisture and revitalization


Reduction of vasodilation, edema and erythema
Prevents early aging
increase in dermal density and elasticity
Provides immediate soothing sensation

 How apply

Apply to face and neck, in the morning and evening
Can be combined with Regenerator Cream:
Atopical Cream in the morning and Regenerator Cream in the evening

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