Many of us have certainly already asked what the differences between the lyophilized vials and the liquid ones are.

First thing first, so let’s start with some brief explanations:

What is the process of lyophilization?

Lyophilization involves the removal of water or other solvents from a given product by a process called sublimation. This occurs when the ice of a frozen product converts directly to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid phase. This enables the preparation of a stable product that is easy to use and store at ambient temperatures.

Also known as freeze-drying, it is a process used for preserving biological material by removing the water from the sample, which involves first freezing the sample and then drying it, under a vacuum, at very low temperatures.

The implementation of freeze-drying within the cosmetic industry has led to the creation of many benefits to products, including the preservation of the active ingredient, lack of additional preservatives, a long shelf life, and the improved permeability of skincare products.

Advantages versus liquids:

Among other advantages, the following three are the most known:

  1. There are products that contain active ingredients that are unstable in solution.
  2. It allows including active ingredients in high concentration: Greater power and greater action.
  3. It allows having a fresh product at the moment of application: There is no alteration of the properties of the active ingredients: A liquid form, and from minute 1, begins to degrade.

In fact, lyophilized cosmetics really challenge the competitors. In a lyophilized cosmetic all actives remain fresh after reconstitution, meaning that the stability is nor compromised. Moreover, there isn’t degradation of any actives as no impurities are formed. There is an easy, fast and complete solubility: 100% efficiency and safety for patient and there’s a rapid availability for use.

For MCCM medical cosmetics, as a high-tech company, the lyophilized mesotherapy could not be forgotten. Like this there are products such as Tranexamicum, Glutathione, CLH Lipase and Hyaluronidase that are lyophilized.

MCCM medical cosmetics – the spirit of beauty

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